Accelerator and Growth

Design and Manufacturing

Tazan partners have extensive experience in the development of software and hardware products including MVP, design, low-volume manufacturing and semiconductor processes. We have special partnerships with design, manufacturing and assembly companies in Japan.

Market Entry and Business Development

Over the last twenty years, our partners have done extensive business in the US, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, India and Singapore. Tazan helps startups build relationships with companies in its global network of corporate partners who can become early customers, resellers and investors.

Fundraising and M&A

We work with angel investors, venture investors and corporate venture capital funds to help our startups in fundraising.

Startups in Asia face challenging domestic M&A and fundraising environments, unlike startups in the US, Europe, and especially in Silicon Valley. Domestic industry leaders in Asia have no culture of acquiring companies similar to US industry leaders like Cisco, Google, Facebook and Microsoft who see M&A as a core strategy. We can help promising startups in Japan, India and Asia reduce the gap between them and their US and European competitors who have easier access to acquirers.

Please contact us if you are interested in Tazan Accelerator or Growth services.

On-Demand Innovation

We help industry leading companies find innovative startups and work with them on product development, manufacturing, go-to-market partnerships to grow together.

Strategic Investments

Tazan partners have co-invested with and helped numerous Asian companies and investors find Silicon Valley startups for strategic investments.

To register as a Tazan International Partner or Investor, please contact us.