Tazan Company Profile - Cyberus
About Company Target Market/ Customers Products/Solutions
San Francisco, Poland, London
Global IOT Providers, Device Manufacturers, Large Enterprises, Government Agencies Eliot Pro
AI Based Multi-Layer Cybersecurity Solution for IOT and Industry 4.0

Credential-less Sonic based User Authentication

Lightweight Device Encryption/Authentication

Real-time Self-Healing
Number of Employees: 11-50 Customers
Hydro Silesia, Microsoft, City of Katowice, JSWA, Bosmal Group, Spark Control,Silesian Development Fund, Smartin, Nexiona, G-Ride, GFT-IT
Unique Strengths:
  • Unique Credential-less Sonic Authentication
  • Patented Lightweight Encryption for IOT devices
  • Integrated, MultiLayer, End-to-End approach
  • Cost Effective Implementation
Web Site: https://cyberuslabs.com/
Awards and Recognition: $2 million grant from EU Horizon 2020 program.