Tazan Company Profile - FrightBro
About Company Target Market/ Customers Products/Solutions
Offices: Mumbai, Chennai, India. Palo Alto, California. Freight Forwarders Cloud solution and mobile apps for big freight forwarders with:
  • Sales platform to search, manage and quote digitally
  • Operations platform to book, manage and update
Number of Employees: 70+ Customers
Freight forwarders in India, US, Europe, Middle East, South East Asia.
Unique Strengths:
  • 100% accurate quotes
  • 50% time savings on documentation
  • 4x increase chance of winning an order
  • 2 minutes to complete a quote instead of hours or days
Web Site: https://freightbro.com/
Awards and Recognition: Top 20 Logistics startups in India, IndiaWire.
Covered on CNBC, in Entrepreneur Magazine.