Tazan Company Profile – Pathfinder Global
About Company Target Market/ Customers Products/Solutions
Dubai (UAE),Chennai (India).
Airports, Malls , Chain Retailers and Hyperlocal Automated Retail Intelligence Business Solutions - Concessionaire Sales Reporting, Performance Analytics and Contract Management. Phygital Commerce and Customer Engagement Platform.
Number of Employees: 150+ Customers
Dubai Airport, Riyadh Airport, 18 Airports in India and more Globally. 120 Malls/Shopping Centers.
Unique Strengths:
  • Leader in Airport Retail Intelligence Solutions
  • Leader in Airport Lease Management Solution
  • 90% Market Share in Retail Intelligence solutions for Malls and Airports in India
  • Unique Sales Reporting and Performance Analysis specifically built for Airport, Malls and Chain Retail outlets
  • World’s first Phygital Commerce Platform provider for the Hyper Local Market enabled with in-built AI Engine
  • 25 years of experience in retail business intelligence
Web Site: https://pathfinder.global
Awards and Recognition: International Airport Review Award in 2018 under Revenue Generation category